About us

We formed this business to help you make the most of your sewing machine and accessories. As a professional educator with several sewing machine brands and most recently for many years, National Education Manager for a major sewing machine company,  I have the experience and skills to help you enjoy and enhance your sewing experience. 

I will also offer some handwork and slow stitching classes which I love doing while relaxing. You will rarely encounter me sitting without something keeping my hands occupied!

Suggestions for classes are welcome. Email us at liztsews@gmail.com. We will consider all suggestions. 

In addition, we will be stocking a small selection of various sewing supplies such a books, magazines, patterns and machine embroidery thread in large 2000m & 5000m cone sizes with extremely economical pricing.  I have been using this rayon and polyester machine embroidery thread brand for over 15 years and I am very happy with my machine embroidery results. 

We are also offering support and assistance on our social media platforms:

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  • Facebook page (Sew and learn with Liz Thompson)
  • Facebook Group Sew and Learn with Liz Thompson 
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